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1 Event Details
As you write, consider how your experience will reach guests.
Don’t worry about getting it right on the first try.
We’ll help you by editing it if needed.
A) Try to describe what you are willing to share in details. Guest are eager to read what makes your experience unique.
B) What will you provide with your guest as part of this experience
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How did you discover this passion, how long have you been interested in it? Build your credibility by talking about your achievements.
Are you well known for your passion? give a brief history about your story
It is very important to state what you require from your guest in order to keep the experience legal and enticing while minimizing last minute cancellations and refunds.
Below are a few good examples
A) You should be 18+ to join this experience.
B)Running gear is required.
C) Don't bring your children with you.
D)Arrive 15 minutes ealier for a briefing.
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